July 2015

Last month I became a software engineer, accepting a full time position at Marks and Spencer. Things are going well there and I'm becoming more confident in my Python skills. I'm thinking about the longevity of my front-end work and am trying to write HTML/CSS in better ways. I spent some time reviewing work that I had done 2-3 months a go and it's amazing how different my approach is now.

I was recently contacted by the awesome The Pastry Box, a site that posts a different blog post each day. I've signed up to write once a month, maybe to the end of the year depending on how many thoughts I have in my brain. My first post went live, it's called 'Incremental Accessibility' and I talk about how to get started with accessibility for the web. I'm not one for celebrity worship, but I'm proud that I'm writing alongside experienced web-folk. I have a few more ideas and I'm excited to see them pan out.

I haven't had a lot of free time this month so my development work has been pretty work-focused. With what time I have had spare, I've been taking a look at React.js, a JavaScript framework built by Facebook to build user interfaces. It's different to what I'm used to, but I see a lot of merit in building isolated components that don't rely on DOM interaction. I'm going to try and build a TODO app that works with Hoodie.js this month, perhaps I'll write up how I did it here.

Have a good month!