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June 2015

Like last month, things have been moving fast.

Amongst all the excitement, I've been suffering with health problems that have taken a lot of my time and energy to get fixed. Firstly; I experienced 2 weeks of painful hands and arms. The doctors couldn't find a cause and it's likely RSI caused by bad posture and improper equipment. I'm currently fixing both of those things and haven't had much pain lately. Let this be a warning to myself and you to start looking into preventative measures.

Whilst getting tested to find the cause of the pain, the doctor discovered that I had quite a severe vitamin deficiency. As luck would have it, my diet caused this (I don't eat red meat or much dairy) rather than something more sinister. Treatment involved intramuscular injections (ouch) every other day for two weeks and now every two months for a year. Yay.

Not being able to type much without pain for a while meant that my work on Hood.ie stopped completely for a while. I'm glad to say that I'm back and contributing good changes again. I'd like to spend more time getting involved with the inner workings of the framework whilst making it all accessible.

A side project that I worked on several months ago has finally been released. I did a technical review of a book published by Packt and get to enjoy having my name and bio in the front pages of the book! Technical reviewing is exhausting, but it's awesome to see the final product. JavaScript JSON Cookbook by Ray Rischpater is out now. I'm waiting on my own copy and will post pictures in the next roundup. I love reviewing/proof reading and am open to doing it again.

As you may know, I've spent the last 4-5 months in an internship. Working for some contractor friends, I spent my time building for Marks and Spencer. That internship came to an end and I spent the last week of June at home.

The good news is that the week off was just some interim time before I started my first full time position. As of today (Monday 6th of July) I am now a 'Software Engineer' at M&S Digital. This is a huge milestone, having only been a developer for ten months. I'm proud to get this far in such a short span of time, but also grateful to the slew of people who helped me get this far :)

See you next month!