May 2015

First things first; I have a new blog! So, welcome to that. This is a summary post where I explore what I did in the past month. I failed to do it last month, but this post should have a lot of cool stuff to share.

In February, I started my first web development job; an internship. That was due to end at the start of this month but, got an extension to the end of June! Since then I've taken on some more responsibility and I'm helping to provide real value to the users that we are working with. My skills continue to improve and I'm beginning to understand which areas of the web I am most interested in.

One of the most important areas of the web, to me, is accessibility. I've spent time this month reading and watching videos about accessibility, as well as putting it in to practice at work. I've put my new knowledge into practice by contributing accessibility to open source projects on GitHub too.

A Graph of my GitHub contributions

That leads to me to one of the most exciting things that has happened to me this month: I am now an official member of the contributor team at Hoodie. What started out as a weekend opening pull requests against their documentation, led to writing a blog post for them and contributing accessibility fixes, to being asked to be a contributor! Better still, this happened in the span of ~2 weeks. I'm excited to be a part of the team and it's a great opportunity to explore the best ways to make static sites and JavaScript applications accessible.

The Hoodie Mascot and Intro Paragraph

Another milestone this month is that I've completed work on a to be announced project, which I'll be able to share soon. It's been an interesting thing to be a part of and it'll be good to finally be able to talk about.

I feel good about this month, which has been one of the best in the 9 months that I've been a web developer. My writing about my experiences with the web got a fair amount of traction this month, at one point I was mentioned in a talk at a meet-up! I have a lot more confidence in my abilities than when I started out.